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The story of Bruce Lee
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The story Is very interesting

Bad Self Portraits
by Lake Street Dive

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They really won me over with this album. The title song "Bad Self Portraits" just *slaps*.

The Radium Girls
by Kate Moore

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Excellent, but tragic story of the young factory women who used radium to paint watch dials during World War I and then suffered the horrible effects of radium poisoning. The stories of their terrible illnesses were heartbreaking, but the girls’ determined fight to seek legal justice was inspiring. There is an Illinois connection as one of the dial factories was located in Ottawa.

City Of Endless Night
by Preston And Child

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A thriller that lives up to the name. Set in December NYC.

George Washington's Secret Six By Brian Kilmeade
by Brian Kilmeade

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The true story of the spy ring that won the Revolutionary War for the Americans. Reads like a novel.

Fences (The Movie)
by August Wilson

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This movie was incredible, especially having read the play. Denzel Washington and Viola Davis do an incredible job acting it out and definitely do the play justice. About race, family, and the American Dream.

The Dry
by Jane Harper

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A friend of mine from Australia gave me this suspense mystery novel and I loved it....learned some Australian slang along the way, too!

Ethical Loneliness
by Jill Stauffer

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I know her and you don't! Ha ha!

The Leisure Seeker (movie)
by Dvd

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Worth watching for Helen Mirren and Donald Sutherland, but the plot is so bad it's almost insulting: bad Southern accents, a retired English professor/Hemingway fan who owns an RV but has never managed to visit Hemingway's home in Key West, a man who sometimes doesn't even remember his wife's name driving an RV cross country, etc.

What Angels Fear
by Cs Harris

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Sebastian St Cyr is an aristocratic man of leisure who seeks to discover the murderer of a stage actress after he himself is accused of the crime. The hero is charming and likeable. Great story.
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