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I'll Be Gone in the Dark
by Michelle McNamara

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What a shame that Michelle is not alive to see a suspect arrested in this case! She has such a way with words; you are both captivated and horrified as you read. This book is part memoir, part true crime, and it was so satisfying to read when an actual ending is starting to transpire. Reading this book has sent me down a rabbit hole - not as deep as Michelle's own rabbit hole - but I've been seeking out countless true crime podcasts on the GSK since DeAngelo's arrest and finishing Michelle's book.

Pyongyang A Journey In North Korea
by Guy Delisle

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A timely, authentic graphic memoir of the author's two month stay working for a French which sent him to oversee their animation workers in North Korea.

Missing A Private Novel
by James Patterson

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Another installment of the Private series set in Australia. Nothing special.

The Woman Warrior
by Maxine Hong Kingston

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Stories told to the author by her relatives about Chinese ancestry and culture. They are disarming and some horrifying. The misogyny of the Chinese culture is so cruel but the author's startling to write without fear breaks down the myths. The writing is very powerful. Stories you will never forget.

The Pisces
by Melissa Broder

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38 year old woman at crossroads in life and love. Sexually explicit, fast and fun read

Red Jungle
by Kent Harrington

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Guatemala Revolution and love story and Red Jaguar Mayan treasure.

How It Happened
by Michael Koryta

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An FBI agent struggles to find the truth about deaths in the Maine fishing village where he spent childhood summers.

The Outsider Stephen King
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3.5 Mix of crime and horror made interesting by King's great storytelling.

Standard Deviation By Katherine Heiny
by Katherine Heiny

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Marital complications, awkwardness, origami

Prairie Fires The American Dreams Of Laura Ingalls Wilder
by Fraser

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Most of the book was the really interesting story of Laura Ingalls Wilder but the latter part got bogged down in her relationship with her only daughter.
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