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The Only Story
by Julian Barnes

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This is the story of a 19 year old man who begins an affair with a 48 year old woman that forms the basis of his entire life. You follow the narrator through the more than ten year affair to the end of his life. The impact of the affair impacts every decision he makes. It is a haunting story.

The Tresspasser
by Tana French

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A great procedural detective story with lots of twists and turn, and a great reveal at the very end. I have read almost all of Tana French’s work and if you are a fan of mysteries you will enjoy any of them including The Trepasser.

Les bijoux de pacotille
by Céline Milliat-Baumgartner

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I don't think I've cried so much while reading a book than when flipping through this one.

The Mitford Murders
by Jessica Fellowes

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This is a slow-paced British murder mystery that picked up speed during the last third of the book. This fictional story revolves around the real life murder of Florence Nightingale Shore, a WWI nurse. The Mitfords, also a real life family and famous in their own right, play a part in the book especially the daughter, Nancy. There is an Upstairs, Downstairs or Downton Abbey feel to the setting.

Book Club
by Candice Bergen, Jane Fonda, Diane Keaton, Mary Ste

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This is a feature-length film starring Candice Bergen, Mary Steenburgen, Jane Fonda, and Diane Keaton. (Also includes Craig T. Nelson, Don Johnson, Andy Garcia, with cameos from Ed Begley, Jr, Wallace Shawn, Richard Dreyfuss, and Alicia Silverstone). Total props for these four women and a Hollywood release that features a different demographic than usual. Refreshing to see leading ladies 65-80 as our (somewhat) relatable protagonists, while addressing aging, dating, sexuality, and relationships (friends and romantic interests). The story is a bit busy as our leading ladies wind our way through different relationship issues, whether with spouses or ex-spouses, new and old love interests, and over-protective children. I didn't love this movie, but I didn't hate it, either. The story is a light-hearted look at what happens when our four leads read Fifty Shades of Grey (and then the other two books in the series) in their book club. There are plenty of saucy jokes and humor as they individually read and then discuss the material, while juxtaposed navigating their individual relationship ups, downs, and avoidance maneuvers. The humor merits some chuckles and a little eye-rolling when it tries too hard to be funny (some scenes create situations to make a joke, but I think creating the format for each character strained my patience a little). Candice Bergen was especially charming in her character as a Federal judge, new to the on-line dating scene. Good to see her back on screen. Jane Fonda and Don Johnson have respectable screen chemistry, and it's gratifying to see her play a successful, older female business woman who is both hyper-sexualized and alone, and comfortable with her self-sufficiency. If you'd like something not-to-serious and fun to watch on your own or with the girls, this is not a bad choice. If you like this movie or the ideas in it, try out Netflix production Frankie and Grace, which also features Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin. Some similar themes with older-than-usual female leads in mostly comic and occasionally serious situations. As Good As It Gets and Finding Your Feet are also enjoyable shows.

by David Sedaris

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The best way to experience David Sedaris writing is through his audiobooks. Calypso is chapter after chapter of Sedaris's dark dry humor. Some of the chapters are performed in front of a live audience that also love his writing. Another great book.

Death By Dumpling
by Vivien Chien

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Finally! A cozy mystery featuring an Asian-American protagonist! Lana Lee manages her family's noodle restaurant and solves a murder. A deliciously fun read.

All mine to give I had
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Educated A Memoir
by Tara Westover

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This is a great story to read and discuss in a book group. It's amazing how Tara was able to pick herself up and get out of her circumstance.

Edible Wild Plants
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Super read
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