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by dvd


Where The Crawdads Sing

Wow. I was worried the book wouldn’t live up to all the hype. I think this is an outstanding book. The characters are memorable, the writing is beautiful and the story is engaging. The descriptions of the marsh and nature are fantastic. I highly recommend this book.

All You Can Ever Know A Memoir

Interesting book about growing up Korean in a white family and community. As an adult the author reconnects with her birth family.

Brushfire Fairytales
by Jack Johnson

There is a lot of good in this album. Jack Johnson is heartful, soulful, and never hesitant to tap into his less happier sides. "It's All Understood" definitely takes the cake as the best song here, but I still can never get enough of "Flake" and "Bubble Toes."

by Jennifer Lee, Chris Buck

I never thought that I would be the kind of guy who would cry during a Disney movie, but this one had me. As much as it is about Disney princesses doing their thing, the film is ultimately about people finding control over their own capabilities, necessities, and desires, in the face of a brutal patriarchy and a seemingly cold and unfeeling society. There's a lot more to say about this in terms of eco-criticism and feminism, and yet "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?" still could not be more adorable.

Little Miss Sunshine
by Valerie Faris

This film is ICONIC. So many laughs, so many uncomfortable moments, and so great to see Abigail Breslin rock her role. Steve Carell and Paul Dano are also funny, sincere, and wickedly brutal, all at once.

Juliet, Naked
by Jesse Peretz

This was actually my second time watching the movie, and I cried just as much. For any lover of "The Big Sick," this is definitely the next movie to check out. There is perfect comedic timing, and a hilarious series of weird add-ins (like the couple of teenagers hired to make out at the exhibition opening). It couldn't be more of a hit.

The Trouble with Goats and Sheep
by Joanna Cannon

I couldn't stand this book, but I read it for book group.

French Exit
by Patrick Dewitt

Don't waste your time on this incredibly stupid book.

Ninety-nine Glimpses Of Princess Margaret
by Craig Brown

Princess Margaret was not a very nice person and the author covers all her bad manners in a delightful, gossipy way. It is a quick read and if you like the cultural history of the 1960s and 1970s you will enjoy this book

Kingdom Of The Blind
by Louise Penny

Gamache deals with a mysterious will and an opioid worse than Fentanyl, in a book filled with both rustic charm and white-knuckle action.

Goodbye Paris
by Anstey Harris

As if things could not get any worse... this is the story of how one recovers from loss with the help and inspiration of true friends. It also brings the reader into the intriguing world of crafting violins and other stringed instruments. Great characters.

by Julia Roberts

Inspiring story of what it means to look different and being brave enough to go mainstream. Also, poignantly, a story of what it means to grow up in a family where all the attention is centered, perhaps deservedly so, on one member, and feeling left out in the process.

An Alphabet For Gourmets
by Mfk Fisher

Definitely of its time and a bit dramatic, but she's an interesting and compelling writer! It is about food and eating but much more.

The Gastronomical Me
by Mfk Fisher

Definitely of its time and a bit dramatic, but she's an interesting and compelling writer! It is about food and eating but much more.
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